Milwaukee Housing on the Rise

Dwell. The Standard. Two50Two.
New and upcoming housing developments are on the rise, elevating Milwaukee’s multi-family housing options to a new level. Not only has the standard of living dramatically increased, the economic value and impact has as well.

In a recent survey conducted by Urban Milwaukee’s – Jeramey Jannene, he’s exposed the truth about how the Milwaukee housing market continues to positively impact our neighborhoods. He brushes the surface of several notable developments in the area including three of our own Engberg Anderson Architect’s projects – MIAD Two50Two, The Standard at East Library and Dwell.

Each of this buildings reside in completely different neighborhoods, ranging in urban to sub-urban zones. The design of these buildings responds to the community in which they sustain themselves and support current market trends and conditions.

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Multifamily Housing Design
Our experience ranges over 50+ housing developments and 20 completed housing projects right here in Milwaukee County. We recognize the value of calling a place home. People are on the first of our list for innovative design solutions for multifamily housing. We want to provide a comfortable environment for users to call home, raise children, start a family and enjoy life. Components we consider are market demographic, apartment design and materials, amenities and long term value.