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Homer Township Public Library

Homer Glen, Illinois

The Homer Township Public Library went through a renovation of their 12,300 sf existing library and added an 11,600 sf expansion. This was possible by the diligent stewardship of operating funds and grants, no additional funds were requested from local taxpayers.

To keep the project affordable, library staff had to prioritize the needs of the community and consider what existing furnishings and equipment could continue to serve in the updated library, focusing primarily on additional public space that will add to future flexibility as service needs evolve. The result is a welcoming and comfortable interior space with a focus on places for people to gather and interact. Multiple zones are created for a variety of activities, from the active periodicals lounge to the contemplative quiet reading room, dedicated to a local hero, Michael Oliveri, who gave his life in the Iraq war. In the Children’s area, a large activity room is available at all hours and can be closed off for story hours, an adjacent sunroom is available for waiting parents to socialize.

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