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Miller Brewery

Brewery Caves and Visitor Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As one of Milwaukee’s most famous breweries, MillerCoors attracts more than 115,000 guests each year. Welcoming these guests is the MillerCoors Visitor Center and Gift Shop, which is the starting point for brewery tours.

In 2008, both the Visitor Center and historic Miller Caves underwent upgrades to freshen the look of the Center and enhance the exhibits. Improvements to the Visitor Center included new interior finishes and graphics, revised entry area to the auditorium, new welcome desk and a tasting/serving area featuring counter-tops crafted from recycled beer bottles. The Miller Caves, built in 1849, were constructed 60 feet below ground level in order to keep beer cool during the summer. As part of this renovation, a new tour video was created featuring the ghost of Frederick Miller emerging from a mural on the wall.

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