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Campus Libraries Facilities Master Plan

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Engberg Anderson and brightspot assisted the campus libraries in modifying library functionality while preserving high-quality service proactively. Overall library strategies include: assessing user needs across campus, strengthening the collections program, developing a comprehensive scholarly communications program, developing and investing in the expertise to meet libraries’ goals, capitalizing on efficiencies, optimizing e-solutions and digital initiatives, developing sustainable budget models to increase flexibility, income, and innovation.

The Project Team evaluated a combination of consolidation/visioning concepts, program shifts, and siting options grouped into 4 major scenarios against the project drivers. In addition, the study defined near-term (1 to 6 years), mid-term (7 to 12 years), and long-term (13 to 18 years) steps toward the implementation of the selected scenario to aid long-term budgeting.



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