In the News: Marion Public Library

Marion, Iowa – Discussions continue as the Library Board seeks approval from the community for a new mixed-use library development, which would include an estimated 55-unit multifamily housing component. Leading the discussion is Architect Joe Huberty, Partner of Engberg Anderson Architects, and local developer Ryan Companies.

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Mixed-Use Buildings
Engberg Anderson Architects specializes in building successful partnerships in mixed-use facilities for communities across the Midwest. This “21st Century” way of thinking has created a new building typology that results in intangible benefits for the community. Traditionally, libraries are free standing buildings; however, there has been a shift in how people are approaching this across the nation. In 2012, an article published by the Library Journal, “Powerfulk Partnerships: Mixed-use Development | Library by Design,” written by Marta Murvosh, provides success stories of mixed-use libraries.

Case Study
As part of Milwaukee Public Library’s “Rethinking Libraries for the 21st Century” Plan, an initiative was set forth to re-imagine service models for the Milwaukee Public Library System. With this in place the district is currently in the process of replacing four libraries, three of which are now living within a mixed-use facility. Engberg Anderson Architects has experience both on the library side and the development side of these projects. Learn more about The Standard at East Library and the Villard Square Library, and how they benefit their communities.

Much like Marion, other Library District’s are approaching a similar service model including the Madison Public Library District. Both the Meadowridge Library and the Sequoya Library  reside within mixed-use facilities.