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Rockford Public Library

Rockford, IL

As the primary resource for a variety of literacies within the city and surrounding communities, the Library is focused on creating environments that allow it to serve populations of diverse economic, social, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.  The Library is planned to acknowledge and embrace the needs of the local aerospace and healthcare industries as well as the local homeless community in a way that anchors downtown revitalization efforts, encourages stronger connections to area businesses and the riverfront, and draws families to a safe, welcoming, and invigorating library experience.  All users will find spaces that meet their needs.  The result is a lot of different seating environments – this is a place for people!

Partnering opportunities are driving the form of the facility.  These partners include local colleges, museums, social services, arts groups, a park district, and the literacy council.  Multi-purpose spaces, exhibit areas, and active learning environments for all ages and interests sit front and center along major arterials and the Riverwalk.  Entries related to both the city and the river not only recall the heritage of the 1902 building, but they also speak to the connective nature of the library at an important crossroad in the city, a link between the east and west sides of the city, a place where identities can merge into a cohesive community spirit.

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