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Watton Law Group

Milwaukee, WI

After several test-fits in various downtown buildings, the historic Matthews Building on Wisconsin Avenue became the new home for Watton Law Group. As a somewhat traditional law firm, the historic qualities of the space were an easy complement to the firm’s aesthetic. As a registered historic building we had to work within the requirements of the Historic Preservation Committee as we renovated the entire 5th floor. New wood floors, transitional lighting, carpeting, and paint now complement the existing wood trim, glazed brick, and arched windows. The design team was able to satisfy the client and situate private offices around the perimeter of the atrium space. Newly designed large borrowed lighting brings balance and allows daylight to filter into the inner office spaces. An existing 2-story center atrium space now serves a re-purposed conference room.  An open staff break area, adjacent to the main conference space, is expansion space for larger functions or gatherings.

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