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Midtown Police Station

Madison, WI

This project is a collaboration between the City of Madison, Madison Police Department, and the Engberg Anderson-led design team on the development, programming, and design of the new station. The Midtown Station is a 2-story, 31,000 square foot facility. Midtown is a full-service facility that includes patrol, investigative, and community policing services. The facility also provides support areas for various services such as an armory, evidence storage, interview rooms, briefing room, command center, offices, locker rooms, and a workout area. In addition, a community room for public meetings and other activities is available to area residents. The City of Madison committed to a sustainable project from the beginning. Of particular interest were technologies that addressed stormwater management, water efficiency, energy-efficient building systems, including photovoltaic energy production, locally sourced materials and resources, and the quality of the indoor environment.

  • U.S. Green Building Council | LEED Gold Certified

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