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Timber Lofts Apartments

Milwaukee, WI

Located in Milwaukee’s 5th Ward, the existing, historic Louis Bass building is a Cream City Brick, heavy timber construction.  The scope of the project is two-fold, adapting the historic building into an apartment and creating an addition to the South. The entire building will be housing with the addition seamlessly integrating with the historic portion. Keeping the 1800s aesthetic was important throughout the design process.  To assist in the restoration, Historic Tax Credits were utilized. Therefore, many design details, like window replacements, required NPS approval.

The historic portion of the project features large, loft-like units with heavy timber and cream city brick interior finishes. The addition features CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) construction.  CLT, a newer form of construction in Milwaukee, allows for exposed wood ceiling and floors that harmonize with the exposed wood of the existing building.  The exterior of the uses the rustic/sooty appearance and of some of the existing masonry, to inform the dark charcoal masonry of the new construction. Expressive detailing and large window elements complement the historic building and enhance the addition’s design.

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